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From Jeff - Clif High.

I no longer actively follow Clif - he flip flops too much, makes excuses for changing his mind, or fails to admit being wrong when needed. It's okay to be wrong or change one's mind but to make excuses or skirt the issue is a big reveal. I do listen or read his posts but only at the suggestion of someone else.

Q - In the beginning he said Q was bullshit. Now he thinks it is exactly what it is - an anti-mafia psyop to speed up The Great Awakening of the masses to interfere with the Mafia's Agenda 2030. Shouldn't his Web-Bot have been all over Q from the very start or ideally from months or years ahead?

AI - He describes AI as being a simple software program used in the dentist office to help put fillings in teeth and he's not scared of it - REALLY?! AI is already running a good part of the world. Q is under pinned by a huge AI simulation that tests Q-Posts and prevents them from revealing too much or violating National Security. Look at China's social credit system - it's AI! A man begins jaywalking across a street, facial recognition identifies him, he is fined and his bank account is adjusted before he steps onto the opposite sidewalk. That's AI - it's all over the place. The Federal Reserve System is AI like so many other data driven organizations. Clif may be an expert at programming tiny PCs and servers but I doubt he has ever programmed the modern day equivalent of a Cray supercomputer or network of many supercomputers. AI is more powerful than most can imagine.

Search - china jaywalk facial recognition fined bank account

Search - Putin best AI will rule world,,,

New Robot Makes Soldiers Obsolete (comedy, parody)

Clif is a smart man. He is also a fool or has an agenda, maybe both. He is counting on you having a short memory of his past errors and not being aware of the info at the above links. Be very, very afraid of AI in the hands of the Khazarian Mafia. Think Skynet and Terminator or RoboCop - they are just around the corner.

QFS - Clif says there is no QFS/NESARA/GESARA. I agree and disagree. IMO they exist as concepts but maybe not as advertised hopium RV/Reset websites. People are definitely working on those concepts. Clif says crypto systems are going to replace fiat when they crash - yes, that is what the QFS is in concept - a network of many decentralized cryptos and digital currencies connected by "bridges" that convert and transfer between them. Details are over my head - if interested start here and continue with more research:

p.s. Synchronicity is kool. Clif recently mentioned we are about to have a financial crash like the big one in 1177 BC. I just watched the author's video presentation for his book, "1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed":

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