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From Jeff - BRICS Gold Backed Currency - Original RT Video.

The BRICS gold backed currency story at Citizen Watch Report that was linked at has been taken down. There is an effort to debunk and erase ("FactCheck") the RT story from the financial headlines and some other sites have taken down their posts as well. I went to the source,, and found the original - it's real. Search engines were not very useful in finding it.

Brief preview in the first 40 secs then full 7 min story/interview with Chris Hart, independent economist in South Africa, at 24:15. He says it won't happen over night, maybe 10 years, but faster if dollar fails. I don't think the FRN dollar can last 10 years. I do think Holter is correct, we will see a double reset. CBDCs fail first and then the real reset. A veeery long movie...

RT News - July 5 2023 [go to 24:15, 7 min]

Simon Parkes posted a different 2 min short from RT:

Article and audio interview with Alasdair Macleod:

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