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From Jeff - Bizarro Boomerang on the Key Bridge False Flag Narrative.

Ignore the fluff distractions - what's the real story?  It usually pays to wait a few days before jumping to conclusions.

Ho Wee Quap this psyop movie shit is getting DEEP.  Readers please have your Occam's Razors checked at the door.  Anyone found with a dull instrument will be refused entry.  Discernment Shields Up!

Got my first whiff of rotten fish around the Key Bridge narrative when this channel gave credit to the WHs.  If the DS pulled off 9/11 and blamed Muslims then maybe the WHs did the Key Bridge and are blaming the DS.  Read everything before making a decision.   ...then scroll down to 19448   ...then scroll down to 19485

Got my 2nd stinky whiff when JSNIP4 posted that Tore Says suggested the bridge event was possibly staged to make sure ships were inspected properly, maybe at other ports.

Got my 3rd whiff when RRN posted that the ship may have been unmanned. In retrospect, maybe it was the Dali's bridge/helm specifically that was unmanned.

Got my 4th whiff when JSNIP4 posted a 12 min summary of a 3.5 hour video by Tore Says.  More details suggesting the WHs did the bridge event.

Last but not least, Kerry Cassidy reposts from behind the paywall of Real Chief of Police:



...The Alliance was plainly in command. There may have been a fight below deck with the Alliance. This was one of the most brilliant operations the Alliance has ever done. It was done in such a way, everyone thinks it was the black hats. It was not an accident. It was definitely a strategic operation. The Alliance had to stop the ship to get the children rescued before it went into open seas.

The Dali had come from New York port where it was said it picked up containers with children in them and then went to Baltimore which is a major trafficking hub. The Alliance was on board to steer the ship into the bridge. They made it look like an accident to get the ship stopped. I wasn't told how they got on the ship. Just that they were there.

The Alliance was on the bridge and steered the ship right into the bridge. They had people on both sides of the bridge to stop traffic just before the collision to keep the traffic off. Look at the points the bridge broke into. I could see explosives going off in that area. Look real close. It was brilliant. They needed to stop the ship for a long time to affect the rescue.

I was not told how they were going to rescue the children, only that they did. They knew exactly where they were. It was told to investigators that the ship had no crew on the bridge. Sec. Bootyjuice lost his cool when someone told him there was no one on the bridge.

There was supposed to be a local crew on the bridge to get it out to open water, but there wasn't. The Alliance deserves an honor award for pulling this rescue off in what looked like an accident. You can expect all sorts of coverup lies on this one.

In rescue operations there is going to be collateral damage.

"BREAKING: Baltimore, Maryland bridge collapse investigation reveals no electronic recordings, cameras, or CCTV footage were found on DALI, VDR sensor data was interrupted while being turned on and off, and audio recordings are hard to comprehend due to background noises, according to NTSB report."

"Angela Chao, sister-in-law of Senator Mitch McConnell, who drowned in her vehicle 6 days ago, was the CEO of the shipping company that owned the massive cargo ship that hit the Key Bridge & caused its collapse just 24+ hours ago.  Conspiracy?  She is supposedly drunk, backs her car into a pond & dies. Then a few weeks later, a massive cargo ship she used to control, rams into the Key Bridge, collapsing it & causing untold damage & death.  Did this bridge collapse happen on purpose & was Angela Chao killed bc she stumbled upon the real plot?"   [More at link]

Several Q-Posts clips:


NOT EVERYTHING can be stated

NOT EVERYTHING can be publicly disclosed


My Bigger Comments:

I believe Clif is serving up a lot of fear porn about Baltimore transportation being shut down for 4 years.  Sure the ground transportation logistics are screwed in the near term but other longer and inconvenient trucking routes are available.  To get shipping lanes cleared quickly the bridge sections can be cut up so they lay flat on the bottom and ships can pass over them.  Smaller sections can also be lifted by airbags and towed out of the way.  Definitely a big job but it won't take 4 years to open a shipping lane if the right people are on the job.

If more bridges are taken out then trucking and rail issues could become critical.  A second bridge was taken out in Ohio the same day:

There are lots of scenarios in Game Theory that could be in play. Anyone remember Lindsey Graham's out of the blue remarks about a nuke hitting Charleston about 12 years ago?  What if the DS was planning to ship a micro-nuke into the harbor to clear out the Baltimore waterfront for a future 15 Minute City while blaming Russia?  Why post this NOW?

Don't forget that the Evergreen grounding in the Suez a couple years ago appeared to be a WH op to gain access to the shipping containers.  Why Post this NOW?

This movie is going to end with enough questions and conspiracy theories to keep political history writers busy for decades.  Maybe everyone will be too busy waxing their new Flying Saucers to care about all this crap.

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