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From Jeff - Bill Still / Entheos and Manafort / X322 [Must See]

Recently I wrote about Bill Still not understanding that Q is most definitely disinfo. Apparently Entheos also noticed that Still post. Entheos posted some Q-Proofs which shows they are insiders and also suggests that Trump is Q. "We still love ya Bill Still" Entheos later posted about PEADS or Presidential Emergency Action DocumentS. Apparently the Democrats REALLY want to see the Trump PEADS. The FBI was likely looking for those PEADS when raiding Mar A Lago and 50 or so Trump associates. I think EVERYBODY wants to see on paper if Trump actually invoked the Insurrection Act. "Finally able to release confirmation (archives) Only once - will not comment further beyond what's stated here for now." ========================== Several people seem very disappointed with Manafort on X322. Maybe they should be disappointed with X322 as well. I stopped actively listening to X322 maybe 6 months ago. The news was getting watered down and I wasn't much interested in most of the guest interviews anymore. Some truthers have been posting similar thoughts on their channels. Maybe the rotated X322 logo and links below will help explain that stink while watching that Manafort interview. Rotate this logo 90 degrees CW - the [3] is unmistakable. Don't get it? This should help: Symbolism will be their downfall - it's everywhere. Another example: Phil has big issues with X322 and says he is filing a lawsuit. Phil gives me the creeps but I continue to check his channel. Intuition - use it if ya got it. Everybody else pay attention and figure it out. It's a big plan and it wouldn't be WW3 if it wasn't global. Here's more corroboration that old Putin has been replaced with a Russian Brandon. "The real PUTIN was arrested and charged with several crimes including “ theft of state property on a large scale, financial fraud, abuse of authority, preparation of an act of terror to intimidate the population and influence the government.” ... But the current PUTIN AVATAR is needed to continue a movement that is happening and that is connected to the Great AWAKENING MOVEMENT across the world ...." Putin double says there is a special military unit called Storm working in Donbas. Looks highly scripted. What is he really saying?

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