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From Jeff - Big Picture?

Q-916: We are saving ISRAEL FOR LAST.

Very specific reason not mentioned a single time.

Other bolt holes have essentially been filled.

El-ites have 2nd passports from where?

When they run, how easy will it be to follow?

Puff Daddy headed for Pedo Sanctuary but maybe didn't make it.

Enjoy the show but stay off the stage if it makes sense and given a choice.  Those on the Key Bridge weren't presented with options - RIP. Distractions - what should really be in headlines?

Baltimore, Maryland bridge collapse was a false flag.

Explosive charges were already on the bridge.

A 9/11 level event.  Watch the videos.  You can see lots of sparks at the bridge supports.


Possible scenario for those guessing how The Movie will progress:

So the Dems take over Congress and start passing bills like crazy.

FRNs crash, declass, FFs, and other dominoes hit the TV news.

Congress peeps start puking in horror as Piggy Bank teats run dry like the Remote Viewers predicted (and Clif reported).

The crap goes down on Brandon and all the minions worldwide.

Suicide week for soon to be Central Casting retirees?

Round up those who make it to Israel?  Or maybe let the Muslims take care of The Problem in their backyard - they need a speaking part in this movie too.

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