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From Jeff - Becoming A Hunka...

I wanna commend you and Clif for getting your health issues in order. I too pay more attention to diet as age catches up with me but I've always eaten more healthy than most of my peers. Whatever works is great but as a tech head I gotta know WHY in accurate detail. As I learn more I make better choices all the time. There are many good health sites available but this one by a former Olympian turned holistic doc is currently my favorite:

I was born in the late 1950s and by the 80s I noticed that many people were getting overweight and some very much so. Another couple decades and overweight became the norm. The FDA lies each time they update their psyop-based food pyramid. See attached pic of the way we were in the 60s and 70s. I plan to stay that way.

Mostly I loosely follow the Paleo or cave man diet - meat, fish, eggs, natural fats, vegetables, and greatly reduced carbs, especially processed carbs like grain flours. I do eat olive and avocado oils which come from seeds but I think they are okay being natural and without hi-tech processing. Back to the Future! Again, whatever works...

Note that many holistic docs will tell you that rapid weight loss is not a good plan. For those in a great hurry to regain their youthful vitality there's always Dick Allgires easy plan... [dark but up to date humor]

Big Pharma's Miraculous New Anti-Aging Drug

Response From Jim: You are correct about avacoda oil. Clif said that and I did not have it in my notes. I ill Correct now. Thanks.

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