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From Jeff - Are the Walls of Silence Tumbling Down? (Boom?)

Influential Truthers are now talking directly about topics they once danced around in hush-hush tones just days and weeks ago.

Jaco has come out by saying he got a psychic message to start revealing on topics that might have gotten him 187'd. In fact he is still openly wary about the blowback. He has lots of topics but started by suggesting that Chris Kyle, the celebrated (DS) sniper, might really have been a mass murderer (I had heard that before). He plans to continue revealing.

Catherine Austin Fitts was on USAWatchdog yesterday and talked directly about the Death Jab being part of the DS depopulation agenda and further linking both to the desired to reduce retirement plans insolvency. She has always promoted this view but is no longer dancing around with carefully selected wording.

The famous Remote Viewers are now going public with alien and UFO public service announcements (teaser posts) that were once kept completely behind private paywalls. Allgire has been doing this for months.

In the last few weeks I have seen increasing links, references, and reposts of news stories by Real Raw News.

I get the feeling that the more notable citizen journalists and keyboard warriors will be coming out with increasingly revealing personal stories from here on.

=== Bonus News Bite ===

The Treasury is broke and needs to be refilled after the debt bill was signed. How long does this take? Days, weeks, or instantaneous? Are bills getting paid? Interesting that the Daily Treasury Statement (DTS) is no longer available on the Treasury Cash and Debt Forecast web page. DTS down at 10:38am Central today

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