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From Jeff - Addendum: Liquidity Issue - Banks will freeze up.

Jim Willie says 4 big banks are in bankruptcy - insolvent. Former FDIC liquidator agent told him a little known FDIC public database has the scoop. Giant patch jobs are covering up their liquidity problems. Dominoes anyone?

Bank of America

JP Morgan

Wells Fargo

Goldman Sachs

Go to 1:21:20 for 2-3 minute discussion at end of video.


FYI - not advice. Looking for a place to park cash outside a bank? One might consider aka Alpine Gold as an option. Of all the metal outfits I've looked at and use this one is by far the easiest, has the lowest fees, and is flexible at cash out (there may be monthly withdrawal limits in some situations). It's technically a 100% metal backed mutual fund but operates somewhat like a bank. You can buy/deposit with a bank account, credit card, or mail them Gold or Silver Eagles to deposit (I've done it). NO BUY SELL SPREAD! When it's time to sell funds can be received by check or transfer or loaded onto a debit card for spending, or they will mail you Eagles or Goldbucks (Aurum, polymer 1/1000 oz gold notes like paper). They have a walk up counter like a bank teller near Salt Lake City. Great alternative to home stacking.

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