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From Jeff - 50 Cent Gold ???

Ken Swartz joins Jay Weidner to discuss the newly emerging technology of MOXY Fusion which can not only create nearly Free Energy but also produces rare metals like Gold.

MOXY is cold fusion that joins metal oxides with gasses to form different elements - modern day alchemy and The Philosopher's Stone. Ken says the cost to produce MOXY gold from Tungsten Oxide is 50 cents per ounce.  The equipment is small and simple but highly dangerous because it produces deadly amounts of X-rays.  He submitted a patent application but the US Patent Office won't process it for (crap) reasons that he explains in the video.  He says a lot of MOXY work is being done overseas but not here.

I don't believe gold can be produced for $0.50/oz but what do I know?  I know that it would set the financial system on it's head!  What to do, what to do...  Swap gold for silver like Bix has been saying?  Speaking of Bix, he says Jeffrey Christian is pleading for someone to stop the coming silver run as the COMEX is running out of physical.

Bill Still's video post about (Trump) paying off the debt with Treasury Notes was great.  If Trump actually has control over 650 plane loads of gold recovered from under The Vatican then he could conceivably pay off a lot of US Treasury bonds and bills while distributing that gold world wide at the same time.  Trump did say he was leveling the playing field and paying off the debt...

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