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Fight! Fight! Fight!Mike Adams is wrong, but provides a clear example... clif high

Mike Adams is wrong, but provides a clear example... clif high Apr 12

Mike Adams is wrong. In fact he is providing an example of an “unwarranted conclusion”. He says that “If city water could denature King Cobra snake venom, they all snakebites could be successfully treated with water,…” This is a prime example of an unwarranted conclusion. He equates treatment for SNAKE BITES where the venom is INJECTED into a human, with venom being poured into public water supplies. These are not the same thing, Mike. Not even close.

Shall we examine the part of the venom being full strength in the snake bite versus being deliberately diluted massively? Shall we examine the idea that the human body, where the snake injects its venom is NOT filled with chlorine, and oxygen, and is very unlikely to go through a deliberate oxygenation process, unlike public water supplies. So readers can see that Mike has no discernment, no nuance in his thinking here. Further there is this leap to equivalency of response in two, completely different environments, injecting a known poison versus diluting it massively into public water & hoping it would still be effective.

And, need we examine the idea that IF snake venom was all that powerful in water, all the snakes would have had to do would be to learn to swim & leave mouth open & all the critters in the lake would die & become easy dinners. We don’t see a lot of that behavior in snakes.

My question to Mike is WHY? Why do you want to promote this idea? What is in it for you? Are you aware of how bad it has made so many people feel? WTF dude?

Ok, your turn, Mike. Are you really going to put more lipstick on this pig & try another kiss?

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