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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: You are full-filling a need that many of us rely on. Crazy times [& our extended families]

Jim, you are full-filling a need that many of us rely on. Crazy times, many in my family are still out to "lunch" and haven't got a clue like we feel we have on things.......

It appears, I am fine. I understand enough to "Get me in Trouble" as the Old Saying Goes.......however, at times, "Ignorance is Bliss" like many people have. Bless them in a way. Us, that have been watching, putting dots together, feel we can see things adding up. Well, "Be careful what you wish for, cause you just might get it".....Well, "WE ARE HERE". OK, we are basically ready and have gone and going thru things we have watched, prepared for and "Waiting for the Fat Lady to Sing". What Now?

What bothers me the most is the unpreparedness of my friends and family........We, as watchers have an unwanted responsibility to help close ones who are becoming aware "AWAKE", are starting to Flip out because it is NOW in our FACE. This anxiety they are experiencing is causing me some major "ANGST". To me, I am expecting a "BLACK MONDAY" so to speak even this Monday on the Markets. I am have been depleted on money helping ones out, but I had to stop cause they are causing me Stress. I am trying to be strong and give advice without scaring them.

For they, not knowing "JACK" so to speak, is going to cause them the last minute fear factor of the "Everything" bubble and we have been prepping for years, mentally and physically i.e., guns/gold/SILVER/food/shelter/BIBLE. They now are under pressure as what to do. Hence, major stress and uncertainty in many areas that WE have already been conditioned/planned for. So, I BELIEVE SILVER IS GOING TO FLIP OUT UPSIDE.....regarding our chance to increase/maintain or make money on this investment that has been held back like a coiled spring for many decades.

I am sitting on "PINS AND NEEDLES RIGHT NOW". I am doing OK, but very concerned about Family/Friends that may need our help more than ever. I am literally tired of it all and want it to happen now, hopefully the Good RESET, not the the Klaus Schwab WEF type of horrific plan they want.

IT IS ALL COMING TO A HEAD RIGHT NOW.......Okay, Okay...........Whatever? Shit........ Adam

Response: Thanks Adam. I feel your angst is what we are all feeling. Thanks for saying it.

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