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Dear Jim: Watch The Water . . .

Connect the dots. Is Gates targeting water treatments plants??? Been potential soft targets for a very long time. Watched a video recently that suggested Typhoid Mary was a Deep State operation back in the day. Clif recently posted that we should be OBSESSIVE with our health...

In 2018 Q told us, "Watch the water."

Skipping forward to Mar, 2022, from Stew Peters:

"Don’t drink city or county water. Anywhere in the country. Anywhere in the world. Not even “filtered” from the faucet. Don’t let your kids drink from the fountains.

Seriously. Bottled water, ONLY.

I’ve learned about something that I’ve all but confirmed, and I promise I’ll bring it to you as soon as the appropriate protections are in place for those that need it." [ Mar 1, 2022 - text post ]

Same but expanded message in video format from a 17-ish Knndy channel: [ 80 sec video ]

Meanwhile all of the 17-ish Knndy channels are pushing peeps to stock up on the Meticore/Zelenko/Quercetin-C-D-Zinc protocol. Pushing very, very hard. Link is an image of the Zelenko Z-Stack Supplement Facts:


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