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Dear Jim: Trump Conference Call with Anons - Update

That guy Phil on the conference call with Trump (see bottom paragraph) posted an update. The Team contacted him with a 4-word message,

"The surrender deal, reached."

Phil takes about 1.5 hours to reveal those 4 words then talk about it using waaay too many words (worse than Potter). The Art of the Deal at work. I wouldn't bother with the video unless you are curious.


In other unrelated news, is Roy Potter connected to Gabby Petito??? Don't know what to make of this video but it wouldn't surprise me as I do not get good vibes from the guy. The whole Timothy Charles Holmseth alt-news outlet is pretty bizarre in his twisted delivery.



On 9/6/21 1:11 AM, Jeff wrote:

Kerry Cassidy made 5 consecutive Telegram posts on this topic - video link, quick summary, comments, etc. First link here: plus 4 more Apparently a hand picked group of Digital Soldiers (Anons) were invited to a listen only audio conference call on the Dark Web between Trump and 4 of his team. They talked in code and in circles about 4 topics without saying much for 1.5 hours. Listeners had to connect the dots for themselves. The video blogger moves slowly and makes every effort to describe his experience while connecting the dots. The delayed auditS (note capitol S) are the key to inflicting maximum pain so the Deep State will be forced to negotiate an exit. Afghanistan is the propaganda exit for the Bidan Show. Worth the time for anyone curious about Sun Tzu's "The Art of War", Trump's "The Art of the Deal" and his return. Audio is okay at 1.5x, maybe more.
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