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Dear Jim: Translated for Me

Austrian entrepreneur and cult blogger Gerald Markel on the current situation in Austria. 

Are we ready again or will we get the curve in time? Let's not let it happen again! November 8, 2021. Remember the date. The day on which fascism takes power for the second time in Austria's history and a group of the population is completely excluded from social life. The physical integrity guaranteed in the constitution, the civil liberties guaranteed in the constitution are abolished, abolished by the heirs of the fascist Dollfuss and a radical sect of dark red green eco-communists. And with the applause of Kreisky's traitors

As of today, people over 15 (!!) are only allowed to cover their bare existence as working slaves due to a completely arbitrarily determined so-called health status. They can (still) use public transport to get to the Forced Labour and they can (still) cover their immediate basic needs in the supermarket or donate their remaining money to the economic cycle to support the fascist regime. What is forbidden to you in this fascist state? Accompany children to the hospital ! Visit parents or relatives in the old people's home ! To practice sports or to remain active in sports clubs ! To use social or cultural events ! To travel in your own country because you are not allowed to stay in any hotels ! Exercising the human right to education - the first fascist university in Klagenfurt will impose 2G !

All leisure activities are forbidden, all gastronomy is closed to unvaccinated !! If you haven't understood it yet, you have to beat the history books around your ears. Jews, Blacks, Pagans, Political opponents, Homosexuals, People of other faiths - it is a long series of examples of how people were persecuted and excluded from society. And now it's the so-called unvaccinated. Full stop. I will say it quite frankly now. Anyone who supports this from today on is a fascist. No ifs or buts. Think twice. Listen to your heart, not to fear. That goes a lot, a lot, WAY too far

This state wants to force its citizens (and young people!) into a medical experiment project. That this is possible because of a New Flu shows the power of the system that relies only on fear. On fear and coercion. And this system MUST FAIL. And now a word about the supporters, about the people who have switched off their brains and are running along. Not to the real fascists, those lousy little creatures who join in with full conviction and become perpetrators. The devil gets them anyway, this Scum

No, I am speaking to the silent majority which once again makes an unjust regime possible: It's not "just a sting ". It is not THE way out of an (artificially created) worldwide crisis. It's not "just" for a few months. 

It will NEVER stop as long as YOU allow it. Can you actually look your neighbors, friends and relatives in the face and tell them - I think it's all okay? 
Can you really give up your freedom because of your fear? 
Can you really turn off your own common sense and replace it with the lies, manipulations and propaganda of a fascist system? 
Can you still look in the mirror from today? 

And by the way: you will all be WE again in a few weeks. Unless you take out a vaccination subscription……

On 8. May 1945 it stopped. 
And on November 8, 2021, it started again. 

And I don't trivialize anything. 

On the contrary. 

Gerard Markel          Submitted by Graham
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