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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Sather vs High

My memory is overflowing and I had forgotten about the Sather Q-posts but was reminded by Telegram to revisit and rethink:

This makes Clif disinfo by association - he supports Sather and bashes many respected truthers. Put either in the mirror and see what you get. A while back Clif was bashing Sather during the Blue Chicken Era. What changed? A deal with puppet strings? I like Clif's work when he stays in his own coloring book but for the last few months I have considered deleting his bookmarks. I am surprised X22 brings Sather on as a guest.

Back to those Telegram posts:

"Q tells you Sather is out to bring down Q followers. It is in the drops. I asked the Question 1 yr ago."

"Be careful who you follow on Twitter. They will provide 95% truth and 5% deception."


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