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Dear Jim: Sands Of Time - Sources

While reading Vol 1 of Sean David Morton's "Sands of Time" I wondered about how and where the author got his info for this truth in fiction novel series. Psychic download? Channeling? Remote Viewing? The answer was provided in the Introduction to Vol 2:

"In 2009 "Dr. Ted Humphrey" vanished. Lawyers for his estate said he presented the author with journals and documents that are the basis for this series of books. This only being done with the agreement that the character's names be changed to protect his still living family and personnel."

Anyone interested in connecting the dots between the various leaks from MJ-12 projects should consider reading these books. Decades of predictive programming through other books, TV shows, and movies becomes clear, and chilling. Just a few:

War of the Worlds (radio broadcast showed public isn't ready)

1984 (fake news, politics, and govt)

James Bond series (secret agents and global agendas)

Star Trek (Warp Drive, Prime Directive, etc)

Battlestar Galactica (advanced "living" vehicle tech)

The Philadelphia Experiment (base topic of the Sands series)

Men in Black (earth defense alliance)

Jupiter Ascending (possibly the ultimate woo, Dulce).

Looks like "The Great Awakening" started very slowly long ago, now accelerating to (operation) warp speed. Jeff

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