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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Re: Todays SG Anon Recap.

If this is true:

30 MM Most of the “A” list Hollywood actors and producers are all gone. Their homes are empty.

35 MM SG Anon said he tried to cash a one comma certified check at his bank. They refused to cash it outright. The teller suggested the banks have little confidence in some banks.

40 MM 50% of the world are now using gold backed currency. Last week was the first time since 2008 that no other countries purchased US Treasuries. The plan was for other countries to change their currencies before the US did, as the US would be the last to go. This was based on the GESARA agreements. The Petro-Dollar must fail.

41 MM The delay is caused by ridding ourselves from the corrupted officials around the world at this time. The process needs to make sure they are all cleaned out.

46 MM "We have been spared the heavy lifting in this process. The Military Alliances is doing all the work." Our job is to help open the minds of those who are all asleep.

47 MM In 2019 90,000 Chinese persons died when 5G was activated there. We now have 5G phones but the do not have the 5G chips in them.

49 MM No truther knows everything. Many have different specialties. It takes many volunteers to get the information out to 8 billion people.


The outline of events that was suggested as Additional Two Cents is pretty good picture/overview of the events as they would unfold…..

??? ya thiMk??? Jack

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