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Dear Jim: Re: SGAnon [Updated]

Could SGAnon be a disinfo agent?


Response: Yes. But that could be said about anybody during a war.

So the question might be answered if changed to "Is SGAnon probably a disinfo agent?"

In all wars the first casualty is the truth. The next casualty is predictions of timing of specific events. Lets start with events first. We have to be clear in mind of what the event is that is predicted. Prior to the D Day landing one had to be clear of what their prediction was. It had to be free of "The Yanks will come save us" to a more specific "A Military invasion will occur in France to liberate us."

This is why Hitler was fooled as he had in his mind "The Yanks will invade in Calais area."

So when times are used there may be an assortment of reasons as to why the purveyor of information may be wrong on his time projections. So for the sake of ease, lets throw out reasons to question the honesty of SGAnon due to timing suggestions.

Then there are deliberate red herrings passed to persons who believe what they were told when those facts are deliberate lies by others to confuse the enemy. One such case is the word out a week ago that Trump would make an important announcement last Saturday which appears to be wrong as of today. So again we must make allowances to anyone claiming to be in the know that certain incorrect information may be passed by them unknowingly.

That leaves us with facts presented as facts that can be researched or facts that are substantiated from other events or persons.

At this point I personally feel SGAnon is the real thing and can be depended on 80% of information passed on by him.

As a final comment, if you are asking about the proof of NESARA given today I only have to analyze that information by using a yardstick. My yardstick is the law he gave us is on the books as he said. Just the title of it implies it goes where we have never been before and what some of us had difficulty in believing,- there is probably a Quantum Financial system on the horizon. I have not explored it yet though. Logically it tells me it was a needed prime step for Trump to usher in NESARA so I readily believe it. What is coming is so huge that many decisions must be made first, thus the need for open planning but in the dark. This is like writing a computer program. First the problem must be studied, analyzed and then decisions made to implement the solution. This is done for 80% of what needs to be done. Then when the program is being written, the remaining 20% of unknowns will pop out by themself and be attended to. To me that is what is created in the 2018 law passed - the marching order to the programmers of NASARA to do their thing.

So the bottom line for me is he can be trusted and is not a disinfo agent. Sorry for the long answer.

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