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Dear Jim: Other Important Stuff.

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Last post from Mar 7:

Food shortages coming sooner than you think.

First 5 posts from March 8. Clif often reposts Ezra.

1. Wag The Dog.

2. Cyber Attacks ongoing..

3. Supply chain is next..

4. Rough estimate states one billion deaths.

5. Withdraw your money from banks immediately.

Ezra does not waste words and never seems to lead readers astray.


"Mr. Ezra Cohen-Watnick Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations explains the DoD change in special ops forces"

(likely JFK's grandson)


Your flock might want to see these 2 posts from Clif:


"You do realize that the QFS that is touted by charlie ward & others, in which everything is supposedly digitized on quantum computers, is Klaus Schwab's dream of the Great Reset. Just saying, if you are praying for a QFS, you are praying for the Khazarian mafia wet dream & rule over your children forever. This includes Nesara/Gesara."

( My comment: I agree, mostly. )


"The last gasp of the [CB] criminal gang will be to revalue gold in a desperate attempt to gain leverage within their system. As this system crashes, it will leave gold & silver at the notional & nominal dollar based prices. These may be giant at levels such as 100,000 per ounce. When the US Treasury again returns to issuing USA dollars, we should see a historical return of ratio of about 20 US dollars to an ounce of gold. However, at that time we may be hitting out 600 (new) US Dollars per oz for silver as industry sucks silver out of coins to make stuff like phones & new types of cool stuff."

( My comment: Similar to Bix's view. )




The following is not from Clif but is a pretty good explanation for Clif's viewpoint:

Silver & Gold quiz — go do your own research and report back to my chat channel ( with your findings:

1.) In what products is Silver specifically needed to manufacture, and cannot be substituted?

1b.) In what products is Gold specifically needed to manufacture, and cannot be substituted?

2.) What is the ratio that silver & gold come out of the ground via mining, respective to each other?

3.) what is the current cost-difference ratio between silver and gold?

4.) based on the above findings, which metal should be more valuable (in your opinion)?

5.) what is COMEX? ( My answer: Comedy Exchange? )

5a.) how is Black Rock related to COMEX? BOA’s relation?

6.) forget questions 1 through 4 for a moment. After answering question #5, what should currently be more valuable based on the research done in #5, silver or gold?

Please post your findings to the chat channel.


Follow up question, once your answers for 1-6 above are complete:

What is the National Debt Clock, and what does it say prices of Gold and Silver are currently at?

PS question: how does the NDC determine value of silver and gold?


p.s. Phil seems to be very well connected. I think he set up this channel as a proxy for Team Q.

Ya’ll are going to shit your pants when you find out who you’ve been talking to here.

Mark my words.

You’re not fully ready for the connection(s).


Earlier he posted this:

Guys - this person is NOT me.

I have only ONE username, and that’s @philgodlewski

If you are talking to someone and you think it’s me, be sure to verify the @philgodlewski username listed in the details of the user’s profile.


Phil's regular channel:


My comment: We are watching a movie... Jeff.

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