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Dear Jim: Newsome Returns to Public in a Mask?

O Savin told us action against the DS would accelerate at the end of Red October and now the news definitely smells different. I am beginning to have more confidence in the hopium from Real Raw News. The dots are getting closer and closer together and eventually they will be touching each other. When that happens we can switch our discernment shields off red alert.

I am not a fan of the hosting website but this article does make a lot of sense:

(The website features Kim Goguen as a top poster so I am very skeptical. Kerry Cassidy has called Kim G an Anunnaki.)

And, from that online JFKjr character about the bigger picture:

"You're Watching A Movie, They've Been Executed Already."

The verified expansion upgrades at Gitmo plus the operational costs to handle the current air traffic in and out of there is likely running into the billion$. SOMETHING is going on down there.

Response: This just in from C.J. He sent me two pictures of two Calilfornia prominent persons that look alike. But I m swamped right now and don't have time to mess with the pictures. You will have to pretend you see them.

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