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Dear Jim: News Odds And Ends.

Robert David Steele has reportedly passed away - RIP. Penny Kelly was in touch with him recently and believes he is really dead (not disappeared). She says he was very stressed out about being in debt over his "Arise" bus tour plus all of the Deep State attacks and threats against him.

JSNIP4 and Penny Kelly hosted by Jean Claude:


Telegram posts are reporting that Trump is the biological offspring of Patton. Patton used cardboard tanks in WW2. Team Trump used inflatable C-17 aircraft in Afghanistan. Both are bull headed and have similar facial appearances. Coincidence?

Inflatable C17 in Afghanistan?


Watch the water. For months severe flooding has been predicted for the east coast for Sep 2021. Richard Citizen Journalist has posted about sandbags around ground level air vents and drains on the DC Mall and other local locations. The remnants of Hurricane Ida are headed that way in a couple days and might be used to flood the DUMBs under The DC Swamp. Telegram poster EzraACohen indicates increased activity in DC, likely by Special Forces.

More Sandbag Views-What are they planning for? [ Scroll back to Aug 27 at least ]

Ezra also mentions "KP", possibly a reference to Kash Patel. Patel is probably the most informative poster on the topic of Devolution Theory. He does not use references to Q posts but extensively references official public documents. This video with Patrick Gunnels summarizes Devolution Theory from the beginning. In short, this is the setup of Team Trump's shadow Continuity Of Government before the collapse.

Telegram Channel with lots of links:

---------------------------------------------- Jeff

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