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Dear Jim: May 5th Event? Abortion Update. [Absolute Must See!]

I have not been able to identify an obvious BIG Event that happened on 5-5-2022 but there were several seeds planted that may develop into something very big over time:

Significant market downturn - the beginning of a major crash?

(Preceded by May 4th news of Accelerated Agenda 2030.)

FDA limits use of J&J vax - others to follow?

2 States file collusion lawsuit against Brandon, Saki, and Fraudchi...


--------- Abortion / Election Update --------

Ezra posted on April 29th: "A major event is needed before the November elections."

Then on May 2nd: "Military under guise of riot control."

Q-Post 4414: "RED4: Movement of MIL assets [10th Mountain_1st Marine_CPSD_Marine_QVIR] to central locations under GUISE of citizen riot control."

On May 5th Godlewski 2.0 posted that the abortion hysteria is providing an excuse for military deployment when the actual purpose is preparation for SCOTUS overturning the 2020 election - soon. Godlewski is a funky character but seems to be very well connected.

I'll drink the hopium - 2020 must be firmly addressed before 2022 midterms. Brandon unmasked by SCOTUS allows for Martial Law under the Insurrection Act to be made public. There isn't much time left for individual states to officially invalidate their elections and then have SCOTUS address the consequences afterward.

HSRetoucherQ (JFKjr) and other closely related 17-ish channels have been pushing "The United States Needs The Insurrection Act" for a while:

We are definitely watching a movie but I don't remember anyone asking us to be in it.


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