• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Liars.

For years we Have followed and listened to different pundits

Everything is on the line, various pundits/sources credibility is on the line

If what was said last night regarding the insertion of illegal ballots

Proves true, then all we have heard is substantially correct for the


However, if nothing is true then we have to ask ourselves, are we part of a CIA op, are we being played. At the very least, the credibility of individuals that we have considered for the past years is on the line.

Our beliefs, our hopes, in fact, our sanity is on the line

Here we goooooooooooooooooooo. Jack

Response: So true Jack. Is all this a plan to confuse us while the world is taken down and controlled as a whole? Or are we the last hold out for the world to free itself from our hidden rulers?

Some time back I read a book by Michael Lerner titled The Politics Of Meaning.

He talked about liars in our government and local lives and how we make decisions based on a lot of lies.  He said that for humanity to advance we had to distance ourselves from all liars. His advice is when lied to walk away as if you had just been vomited on by that individual. In time the lying would end and we could make better decisions.

I am indeed happy the at least Trump is accusing the Deep State of vomiting on us!

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