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Dear Jim: Late October Flip? Update.

News certainly has a different odor to it these past several days so I'd say that the Juan O (and Clif H) prediction was correct. At the end of October we passed the tipping point.

On Monday we had blackouts of some broadcast TV and radio stations in Bay County, FL. Some were still transmitting a strong but empty signal while others has zero signal strength. WMBB Ch 13 is still out today. A contact in Missouri reports similar partial TV outages. Is this the good guys making adjustments to the Mainstream Media? Maybe a few stations here and there at a time so not to alarm? Don't forget, Fakebook was blacked out recently and is now being absorbed by Meta. Some say "meta" means death in Hebrew.

-------------- My Rant on Clif Rants --------------------------

Followers of Clif High should keep their discernment hats on at all times. I have followed him for several years, off and on. In the past few weeks/months he seems to have had a load lifted off his shoulders and is reporting more detailed info. He is also flip-flopping on some earlier rants. I believe he has some very loose controls attached to him but they are loosening their grip. A few examples:

Both Clif and Jay Weidner were sued by Cory Goode of the Blue Chicken Cult (Deep State control of the UFO/ET narrative). Perhaps resolution of the lawsuits has loosened the chains.

Clif once bashed Jordan Sather but has recently backed him up.

Clif backs crypto but not QFS. QFS is crypto. Clif says there is no Nesara/Gesara but it is clear that the world is attempting a move in that general direction. (I have my own reservations about QFS and other crypto as well.)

Clif once bashed the Q and Anon phenomenon but now recognizes that it has some validity. He calls the greater movement the SOC or Self Organizing Collective to put his brand on it. He blames his missing out on the Q-wave on his preoccupation with colon cancer - a valid excuse but his automated web bot should have been throwing HUGE red flags.

Clif has been telling us for weeks that the things are gonna be moving very fast against the Deep State in early November but now in his Oct 31 post he tells us things take time to ferment - the resistance dough has to rise before baking into Woo Brot:

Regardless of what I have just written, I do follow Clif's reports and rants and look forward to the next one. Discernment - Always On!

While on this topic, Clif fans should not miss Jay Weidner's version of Clif's predictions of the Jetson's (TV show) coming to life in the near future:

The Emergence of Earth as a Type One Civilization

Wake up now or this is going to slap you in the face!

------------ Some other related Woo Woo News ---------------

Are the battles in the DUMBs Real or Fake?

This short video adds a check mark in the Real column.

Assuming the video is real, imagine the security approvals required first to make the video then second to get it released out of the SCIF. Someone like JFKjr could probably just do it with rubber stamped permission.

This un-real reference to Q's SKY EVENT adds some additional color:

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