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Dear Jim: Phil Godlewiski on Telegram did a Yes or No Question and Answer Podcast Last Night.

[Absolute Must See]

Loaded with email call questions and was loaded with what I call terrific info. Answered many of our questions. People asked him like "is Mike Lindell one of your 5 sources that give you info beyond what you know........YES, also Miller ....I believe he was former Secretary of Defense or something.......what I am saying, many questions we may have were answered.

I tend to believe him. He is in the know........all these other people out there don't know the full scale of everything and summarizing stuff without really a good background on things.

Things are moving along.....Like Trump said "We will have a Great Christmas" as to revelations coming out like Rapid Fire, possible EBS broadcasts by end of Dec.????

Silver which interested me on the financial side was......Silver held down for 150 yrs. is going to go thru the roof.....SILVER, SILVER, SILVER.......meaning, better returns percentage wise that will blow everyone out of their minds.......many reasons like what I thought for the last 13 yrs. Long story.

So much other stuff regarding our lives and world things and Nesera/Gesera is real much.

If his "Rapid Fire" name of the podcast under his name may come out on was live on there this night. I will send to you if I can find it or if it is available on their recorded. Hype, false hope, I don't think so. It basically mimic's my thinking yet so much disinformation out there that muddy's the waters so much by deep state or idiot woke people that it makes info even worse than it should be despite the bad guys tricks to make it seem not so........

Have a nice night.............One day if all goes well, I would like to come and visit You All....hah! Adam F.

See: Rapid Fire 83 Minute Video [Start at 24 Minute Mark]

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