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Dear Jim: I just read your reader John's comments about Clif High...

and I can understand John's comments because Clif is not right all the time. However, in fairness to Clif, I'd like to point out that he has been right about some very important things. Off the top of my head I can think of 3 things Clif said, which have been very helpful to me and my life:

1. around 2013 Clif started discussing and recommending Bitcoin and the blockchain as very important new technology. He said we should all pay attention to it and consider buying some. "Internet money", I believe he called it. As I recall, bitcoin was around $400 or less when he called it and recommended it.

2. a few years later, around 2016 on Sarah Westall's show, Clif introduced her audience to c60. It was quite new back then, its benefits only having been discovered in 2012 -- my friend and I had to buy c60 powder and lab equipment to make our own (no longer necessary). Amazing stuff, becoming recognized more widely now.

3. early in 2020 Clif was already hearing (he seems to have excellent contacts) that vitamin D was important for prevention of Covid-19. The virus was apparently weak against people with an adequate blood level of vitamin D. Once again, Clif was right and he's talked at length about this in his recent "woo" series. Optimize our immune system, esp. vitamin D, and Covid-19 is nothing to fear (even better if you have some Ivermectin "on the shelf", just in case!).

Thanks, Pete

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