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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Ground-breaking video helps us understand the "wildfires" we see today.

These are fires that "Defensible Space" does not help, because they are not fires that burn in the forest and threaten the house from there. Instead, they are fires that start at the house; they burn the house intensely to the ground and the nearby forest does not burn. The same pattern is seen over and over again, now even in Lahaina on a mass scale. This is the stuff of science fiction.

Someone is at war against us. Thanks to the work of this Botanist, Robert Brame, we now have evidence to review so we can try to understand that this war is real. Mr. Brame has visited 38 "forest fire" locations in California and Oregon and analyzed the vegetation and he presents that evidence in this 1 hour video (esp the first 48 minutes).

Mr. Brame mentions "the blue thing" in passing but doesn't speculate. At this point everything is speculation, but there may be something significant to the color blue and whatever is attacking our homes. For example, Clif High thinks you can protect your car, parked outside, by covering it with a blue tarp. Would a blue roof, even a painted one, protect your home? It seems possible.


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