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Dear Jim: Experimental drug cures 100% of patients of cancer.

Note: I received this email on June 9th but ignored it in the clutter of other mews and life.

Experimental drug cures 100% of patients of cancer - RT World News

I would like to add a footnote to this extraordinary news. I read the article above in the waiting room of the VA hospital where my husband was waiting to see a doctor. After the consultation I asked the doctor if I could share a bit of encouraging news that I had read in a Russia Today publication. After I just started, the doctor said with enthusiasm "You mean the cancer study where 100% of the patients were cured! I heard about that!" The doctor did not discourage the information. All he said was, "It will take a bit of time before it can become available".

A little later I thought to myself, maybe this might be a good time to invoke warp speed!

Other promising therapies have come and gone, but I see no reason to say this scourge can never be vanquished. I am hoping this approach may finally be the one to do so. ❤️ Calhoun

Today's Response: You did send it to me but it didn't register with me. I will write more on the story today. Please keep pushing me in the right direction.

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