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Dear Jim: Dollar reset

What about what Dahboo is saying that after 2p on Nov 1st Biden can recall the dollar and say we have to accept cbdc?

That would be something never before experienced and affect every one of us very personally. (You and Clif predictions).

How do we reject that reset? Will it differ depending on what state you're in? How do we prepare for that? Ideas?

Thx, cj

Response: Good Question CJ.

There are two things you can do about it.

First let's assume it is probable, just for conversation sake.

So now you have two choices: Do something now, do something later or do something now and later. So you see, it's really quite simple.

Move most of your money now into physical assets like precious metals, food storage and possibly prepaying utility bills.

If what is left in the bank use your CBDC into physical metals, food storage and possibly prepaying utility bills. Then wait for the CBDC system to die.

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