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Dear Jim: Cliff High - My 2 Cents

Interesting to see all the hard feelings about Cliff. Cliff has no motives here. He's not part of any power click (Political, Corporate, Sinister, etc). None of his videos or content are monetized. True, he does push his Pure Sleep, but he doesn't need the money based upon his estate overlooking a decent piece of the Pacific Ocean. Cliff is extremely intelligent. No one has a crystal ball. Just like anything, folks need to practice discernment.

Cliff can be wrong as he wants, in addition to not apologizing to other "truthers." Also, I highly doubt anyone has had their virgin ears pierced by his vernacular. I have a couple of recommendations to those that are butt hurt:

  • Get hard. Sensitivity in these times is laughable.

  • Do not watch or read his material.

  • Go outside and touch some grass.

Take Care, Lance

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