• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Cliff High and SOC

Hi again Jim,

When you mentioned Cliff High and seems to be talking to someone in the soc, I started to see what you were seeing.

You are spot on 95% of the time.

Who knows, the other 5 % I'm just not seeing it.

FYI, I appreciate Cliff High and listen to his reports.

I also always check your site several times daily to see what's going on as well as I like reading your rants.

I see Cliff telling the way he experienced the things he is telling us. I just wish the normies

Could benefit from his information.

Jim, no one has seen God's true appearance. Maybe he looks like a bug. Who knows LOL!

YOUR INPUTS are really helping me with digesting all this stuff.

Thank You, Floyd

Response: All I can say about the appearance of god is if he chooses to look like me there is something seriously wrong with him! Thanks Floyd.

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