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Dear Jim: Re: Nixon and JFK

You know ½ truths are always basically true, but for a full understanding you need 100%. Based upon my research and study of the JFK death Nixon was a participant at the meeting the night before the assassination along with VP Johnson, J Edgar Hoover and a host of dems that knew of the events that were to unfold the next day. So, yes he did know, but the question is: was he part of it !!!! Jack

Response: Yes, but what difference doe it make if the CIA and FBI are both brought down now, along with some other agencies? The main goal is to end the Deep State.

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1 Comment

Lori Johnson
Lori Johnson
Jan 13, 2023

Dear Jim,

No matter what, you are always so grounded in your responses to others' posts. I appreciate when you said, "what difference does it make...main goal is to end the deep state." It warmed my heart - as well as my soul - to read that.

Thank you. Not another snowflake from Oregon 😊

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