• Jim Costa

Counter-coup: Deep state swamp moves against disastrous Biden regime. - Mike Adams

73 Minute Video

His Recap:

"Today's article and podcast focuses on a theory that says the deep state swamp is now turning against the Biden regime (and its traitorous operators like Gen. Milley) after realizing if they don't stop the destruction, they will lose all their power, salaries, benefits and kickbacks as the U.S. empire collapses.

All of a sudden, people deeply embedded in the Pentagon, the CIA, NSA and even the FBI are coming to the realization that the Biden regime really is working for communist China, and the CCP's ultimate goal is the complete destruction of the United States of America (along with the CCP-ordered executions of all the former high-level officials in the US government).

Now working for their own survival, deep state elements are initiating actions to end the Biden regime and defend America against those trying to destroy it (including those from within)."

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