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Dear Jim: Please post? Worldwide Aug 21 meditation event.

Dear Jim,

I'm going to quote somebody whose website I enjoy reading every day with my morning cup of coffee.

(( Thank you for being there. While I'm still snoozing out here on the west coast, you're getting your blog ready for me.))

Anyway, here's the quote: - - - - - - .... So what all this boils down to is that YOUR decision on how this will end has just been laid at YOUR doorstep. It's up to you. If you cower and give up hope, then that is your choice on how to use your intent. On the other hand, if you continue to hold the vision and attempt to awaken others, I thank you. For all of you who continue to help humanity awaken, in my book, each of you are Planetary Heroes, Extraordinaire! Hold the vision! (okay, Jim, I'm on it.)

- - -- - - - - - - - HERE IS WHAT I'D LIKE YOU TO POST - - - - - -

We have a real, honest-to-goodness opportunity coming up here on Monday, August 21.

Please tell your readers to participate in this solar eclipse, which is the first one since 1918 (99 years!) where the path of totality of the eclipse passes over the entire United States... We here in the USA can use the energy of the eclipse as it passes over our entire country to decide what we want for ourselves and the USA. Monday, August 21, 2017 at this time: 11:11 in Los Angeles, 12:11 pm in Denver, 1:11 in Chicago, and 2:11 in New York & Washington,

7:11 pm in London, 8:11 pm in Paris, and then 2:11 am in Taipei, Taiwan (It's already Tuesday in Taipei !) The meditation begins. Sit for at least 15 minutes starting at your time in your location.

We will be meditating around the world at the same moment, with the intent to free the planet, move on from our debt slavery system, expose the elites who run things, and reveal the

highly advanced technologies and free energy that has been kept from us. All at the same moment our planet will come together. So Join Us !

Here's the explanation fo the global meditation! Make this viral !!

Here are videos about the meditation!-- in 13 languages! Macedonians have not been left out!

Thanks Jim. Onward and upward! Meg 😄

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